Natural History Institute Exhibit

The Southwest Society of Botanical Artists (SWSBA) held an exhibit, “Arizona Originals: Native Plants of Arizona” at the Natural History Institute (HNI) in Prescott, AZ from January 24 through April 10, 2020. The exhibit included 30 pieces by 15 members of SWSBA. The artwork was in a number of media, including pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil. A number of the pen and ink pieces were scientific illustrations to be published in “Legumes of Arizona: an Illustrated Flora and Reference” to be published by the University of Arizona.

An opening reception was held on January 24, 2020, in conjunction with Prescott’s 4th Friday Art Walk. To compliment the scientific illustrations in the exhibit, the NHI showed dried plant specimens, known as vouchers, from their herbarium, accompanied by pen and ink scientific illustrations of the same plants done by Joyce Peters, SWSBA President.

In conjunction with the exhibit were two other events at the NIH. On February 6, 2020 SWSBA member Melanie Campbell-Carter presented a lecture, “Passion, Devotion, Intimacy: Art and Natural History”. On March 7, 2020 a field workshop was held, “From Eye to Paper: Artists Insights” lead by SWSBA President Joyce Peters and NHI naturalist Bob Ellis.