The SouthWest Society of Botanical Artists (SWSBA) USA is a member chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists, https://asba-art.org/,  with our main center of activity in the state of Arizona. (Please note: there is a similarly named organization in the United Kingdom with similar aims and activities. You can visit their website at https://www.swsba.org.uk/.)

The aim of Botanical Art is to produce aesthetically pleasing art depicting botanical subjects in a scientifically accurate way. In botanical art the plant is always the emphasis. A subset of botanical art is botanical illustration, which is used to scientifically document a specific species and usually includes details of important parts of the plant such as leaves, seeds, stems and flowers, including their sexual organs.

Watercolor has been the traditional medium for botanical art, but other media such as colored pencil, gouache, graphite, pen and ink, and scratch board have been used extensively. Most botanical illustration has been done in pen and ink due to its use in scientific publications, but botanical illustration has also been done in watercolor and other media. The American Society of Botanical Artists does not include computer generated art or 3-dimensional art.